How to celebrate responsibly with children & parents

We have all seen this type of situation like the one in the picture above:  somebody brought their kids along to the party and now someone is having a meltdown or temper tantrum.  It happens all too often, especially once you and your friends have children of your own and sometimes there is just no way to leave them at home.  With or without children in the mix for a celebration, here are a few pointers to keep in mind during event planning so you don’t end up with an unexpected obstacle.

If you are a parent who is invited as a guest, keep in mind the possible benefits your child may have by staying over a reliable friend or family member’s home for the night while you celebrate with colleagues or friends.  Most nights out on the town mean crazy traffic and being around adults consuming alcoholic beverages– both of which are not a good combination with kids.  If the host already has children however, you may wish to ask if kids are going to be a part of the evening plan’s checklist, and then proceed from there.

When you are a host planning an event with kids present, the key is to always making sure there is one person available to supervise for the night. Depending on ages, plan accordingly for energy-expending activities and departure or bed time.  So don’t let your next celebratory event go to waste with a tantrum, and use good tips.

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